1. Capture the Flag is a carefully designed 'Gamified Hacking Lab'
  2. With over 1000s of participants live challenge live cyber battle field
  3. Capture the flag competition comprises of 4 stages and 25 levels each, totaling upto 100 levels (1st being easiest and 100th being the toughest)
  4. Live leadership board to offer the scores of the best performing individuals and teams
  5. Certificate offered in each stage completion

4 Stages contain :

  1. Web Hacking Labs
  2. OS/Mobile Hacking Labs
  3. Defending Labs
  4. Forensics Labs
web hacking


This is focused on ethical hacking for freshers and new web developers. Nonetheless, that should not stop experienced ethical hackers or developers from having some fun! Good luck.

os hacking


This is focused on ethical hacking anyone who has a flair to learn OS hacking, this covers Windows,Linux and Android hacking at this moment.



This is focused on how a cyber investigator tracks and busts an attackers hacking activities. This covers Packet forensics , log analysis, Memory forensics, network forensics.



This is focused not just to mock how attackers attack. but also to see how we can defend such attacks being an administrator.

Benefits :

  1. Live gamified learning opportunity
  2. Participants Get to understand how real world attacks work and how to fix it
  3. E-Certificates for the participants completing every stage (1 stage comprises of 25 levels)

High Lights :

  1. Private Cloud hosted
  2. The platform used in the Guinness world records is now made accessible for you
  3. Intense Indian mythological storyline where the participants become a character in the story on achieving the final goal

How do i access :

Login to http://ctf.infysec.com and login with your google or facebook ID and you have access to all the 100 Levels.
All the best and make use of the Hacking Lab platform to sharpen your skills further.
All the very best and happy hacking.