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cyberSEC public challenges are hands-on practical scenarios where talents can solve anytime to sharpen their skills in different cyber security fields. Challenges are categorized by levels (Basic, Easy, Medium, Hard, Advanced) depending on the difficulty of the challenges. Moreover, solving more public challenges allows you to gain points which enhance your position in cyberSEC world rank. Top rankers are having higher opportunity to get hired by our recruiters.

Average % of cleared challenges in each module


Overall Topper

1 Bharath
2 Manoj
3 Kavin
4 Hari
5 Nandhitha
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This Week Topper

1 Vinoth
2 lokesh
3 Mathusoothanan
4 Franklin
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Best performing Countries

2Sri Lanka
4United States
5United Kingdom
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Best performing Organizations

1 Verizon 22530
2 infysec 14880
3 student 7150
4 SRMK 5410
5 Gitam 4850
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infySEC CTF is a free , safe and legal cloud based training ground for Cyber Security Enthusiasts to test and expand their hacking skills. We help corporates/Educational institutions to enhance skills in Cyber Security domain. We also help corporates/Educational institutions in identifying talents in cyber security space for a potential Hire.

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